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First iNat observation on November 10, 2013 in Nevada, Tahoe National Forest, California, United States by chauncey chauncey, added November 11, 2013

Last observation on July 21, 2018 in Sierra County, CA, USA by science-is-cool science-is-cool

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Added by loarie loarie on February 25, 2012

Updated by loarie loarie on November 06, 2018

  • on Sagehen Basin Check List
  • Source: Morrison, M. L., M. P. Yoder-Williams, D. C. Erman, R. H. Barrett, A. S. Leopold, and D. A. Airola. 1985. Natural history of vertebrates of the Sagehen Creek Basin, Nevada County, California. Div. Agric. and Nat. Resour., Agric. Exp. Sta., Univ. Calif., Berkeley. 16 pp. (Link)


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