11 observations

First iNat observation on January 20, 2013 in Warren Crescent, Hillmorton, Christchurch

Last observation on April 15, 2016 in University of Auckland Tamaki Campus, suburb of Saint Johns, Auckland

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Source: Observation: Rugilus orbiculatus from Warren Crescent, Hillmorton, Christchurch on January 20, 2013 by Stephen Thorpe View



Rugilus Samouelle, 1819


Rugilus aequabilis Assing, 2012
Rugilus angustatus
Rugilus antoinei
Rugilus appendiculatus Assing, 2012
Rugilus aquilinus Assing, 2012
Rugilus arabs
Rugilus armeniacus
Rugilus atronitidus Assing, 2013
Rugilus bagmaticolus
Rugilus barbatus Assing, 2012
Rugilus bhotius
Rugilus bibarbatus Assing, 2014
Rugilus bifidus Assing, 2012
Rugilus biformis Assing, 2012
Rugilus bihamatus Assing, 2012
Rugilus birugatus Assing, 2012
Rugilus bisinuosus Assing, 2014
Rugilus brahmanus
Rugilus brevior Assing, 2012
Rugilus capitalis
Rugilus caporiaccoi
Rugilus ceylanensis
Rugilus chinensis
Rugilus confluens Assing, 2012
Rugilus couloni
Rugilus curvatus Assing, 2013
Rugilus dabaicus Assing, 2012
Rugilus dalaoicus Assing, 2012
Rugilus daxuensis Assing, 2012
Rugilus desectus Assing, 2012
Rugilus dilutipes
Rugilus dorjulensis
Rugilus emeiensis Assing, 2012
Rugilus emeimontis Assing, 2015
Rugilus erichsonii
Rugilus exiguus
Rugilus festivus
Rugilus fodens Assing, 2012
Rugilus frischi Assing, 2011
Rugilus gaditanus
Rugilus gansuensis
Rugilus geniculatus
Rugilus glabripennis Assing, 2012
Rugilus gogonensis
Rugilus gonggaicus Assing, 2012
Rugilus gracilis
Rugilus huanghaoi Hu, Song & Li, 2015
Rugilus ibericus
Rugilus iranicus
Rugilus japonicus
Rugilus kamchaticus Ryabukhin, 2007
Rugilus khalash
Rugilus kleebergi Assing, 2012
Rugilus korbi
Rugilus latiparameris
Rugilus lesbius Assing, 2005
Rugilus longicollis
Rugilus longiparameris
Rugilus longipennis
Rugilus lucens Assing, 2012
Rugilus mahanuvaraensis de Rougemont, 2014
Rugilus maltzevi
Rugilus manasluensis Assing, 2012
Rugilus meilixuensis Assing, 2012
Rugilus mixtus
Rugilus mordens Assing, 2012
Rugilus morvani
Rugilus nematideus
Rugilus nepalensis
Rugilus nitipennis Assing, 2013
Rugilus nuicus Assing, 2012
Rugilus orbiculatus (Paykull, 1789)
Rugilus parvincisus Assing, 2012
Rugilus parvus
Rugilus pecticensisis
Rugilus penicillatus Assing, 2011
Rugilus plagiatus
Rugilus prodoni
Rugilus prolongatus
Rugilus pulcher
Rugilus pungens Assing, 2012
Rugilus pygmaeus
Rugilus quadridentatus
Rugilus rectus Assing, 2013
Rugilus reitteri
Rugilus reticulatus Assing, 2012
Rugilus rossii
Rugilus rufescens
Rugilus rufipes
Rugilus rugosissimus Assing, 2015
Rugilus salicetorum
Rugilus sardous
Rugilus saudicus Assing, 2013
Rugilus scaber Herman, 2003
Rugilus schawalleri

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Rugilus schmidti Assing, 2014
Rugilus schuelkei Assing, 2012
Rugilus similis
Rugilus simlaensis
Rugilus smetanai Rougemont, 1998
Rugilus subtilis
Rugilus truncatus Assing, 2012
Rugilus uncatus Assing, 2012
Rugilus velutinus
Rugilus wittmeri
Rugilus wuyicus Assing, 2012

[A=Exotic, present in the wild]
New Zealand A

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Assing, V. 2012: A revision of Palaearctic and Oriental Rugilus Leach, 1819. II. Three new species from China and additional records (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae). Koleopterologische rundschau (ISSN 0075-6547), 82: 137-149.

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Assing, V. 2014: A revision of Palaearctic and Oriental Rugilus. IV. Three new species from Nepal and additional records (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae). Linzer biologische Beiträge (ISSN 0253-116X), 46(1): 449-459. Full article (PDF)

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de Rougemont, G. 2014: A new species of Rugilus (Eurystilicus) from Sri Lanka (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Paederinae). Revue suisse de zoologie (ISSN 0035-418X), 121(2): 247-248. Abstract

Hu, J.-Y.; Song, C.-Z.; Li, L.-Z. 2015: A new species and additional records of Rugilus Leach from Qinling, China (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Paederinae). ZooKeys, 505: 147-152. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.505.9681

Ryabukhin, A.S. 2007: First record of the genus Rugilus Leach, 1819 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae) in the North-East Asia with a description of a new species. Far Eastern entomologist (ISSN 1026-051X), (172): 1-4. Full issue (PDF)

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