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Malleostemon J.W.Green, 1983


Malleostemon costatus Rye & Trudgen, 2016
Malleostemon decipiens (W.Fitzg.) Trudgen, 2012
Malleostemon hursthousei (W.Fitzg.) J.W.Green, 1983
Malleostemon microphyllus Rye & Trudgen, 2016
Malleostemon minilyaensis J.W.Green, 1983
Malleostemon nephroideus Rye, 2016
Malleostemon nerrenensis Rye & Trudgen, 2016
Malleostemon pedunculatus J.W.Green, 1983
Malleostemon peltiger (S.Moore) J.W.Green, 1983
Malleostemon pentagonus Rye & Trudgen, 2016
Malleostemon pustulatus Rye, 2016
Malleostemon roseus (E.Pritz.) J.W.Green, 1983
Malleostemon tuberculatus (E.Pritz.) J.W.Green, 1983
Malleostemon uniflorus Rye, 2016

Green, J.W. 1983: Malleostemon, a new genus of Myrtaceae (subfamily Leptospermoideae, tribe Chamelaucieae) from south-western Australia. Nuytsia (ISSN 0085-4417), 4(3): 295-316.

Rye, B.L. 2016: An update to the taxonomy of some Western Australian genera of Myrtaceae tribe Chamelaucieae. 4. Malleostemon. Nuytsia (ISSN 0085-4417), 27: 103-120. Full article (PDF)

Rye, B.L.; Trudgen, M.E. 2012: Seven new combinations for Western Australian members of Myrtaceae tribe Chamelaucieae. Nuytsia (ISSN 0085-4417), 22(6): 393-398. Full article (PDF)

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