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Astartea DC., 1828


Astartea affinis (Endl.) Rye, 2006
Astartea arbuscula (R.Br. ex Benth.) Rye, 2006
Astartea aspera Schauer, 1844
Astartea astarteoides (Benth.) Rye, 2006
Astartea cicatricosa Rye & Trudgen, 2013
Astartea corniculata Schauer, 1844
Astartea decemcostata Rye, 2013
Astartea eobalta Rye, 2013
Astartea fascicularis (Labill.) A.Cunn. ex DC., 1828
Astartea glomerulosa Schauer, 1844
Astartea granitica Rye & Trudgen, 2013
Astartea leptophylla Schauer, 1844
Astartea middletonii Rye, 2013
Astartea montana Rye, 2013
Astartea muricata Turcz., 1852
Astartea onycis Rye & Trudgen, 2013
Astartea pulchella (DC.) Rye, 2015
Astartea reticulata Rye, 2013
Astartea schaueri Rye & Trudgen, 2013
Astartea scoparia Schauer, 1844
Astartea transversa Rye, 2013
Astartea zephyra Rye & Trudgen, 2013

Rye, B.L. 2006: New combinations and lectotypifications for the south-western Australian genus Astartea (Myrtaceae). Nuytsia (ISSN 0085-4417), 16(1): 149-156. Full article (PDF)

Rye, B.L. 2013: A revision of the south-western Australian genus Astartea (Myrtaceae: Chamelaucieae). Nuytsia (ISSN 0085-4417), 23: 189-269. Full article (PDF)

Rye, B.L. 2015: Astartea pulchella (Myrtaceae: Chamelaucieae), a new combination for Baeckea pulchella and reduction of A. laricifolia to synonymy. Nuytsia (ISSN 0085-4417), 25: 145-147. Full article (PDF)

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