The 7 most affordable yet thoughtful housewarming gifts

Been invited to an upcoming housewarming? Want to be remembered as the guest with the best gifts ever, but do not want to spend a fortune? Here are the 7 most affordable yet thoughtful housewarming gift ideas, ranging from a few dollars to under $50, that any homeowners will appreciate, whether they just moved into their first home or simply switched to a newer and upgraded apartment.

Wood cutting board:

† Cutting boards make for excellent gifts for wedding, anniversaries, and housewarmings. Whether they are to be displayed as a piece of art in the kitchen, or to be used for meal preparation, wood cutting boards provide a unique and personal touch. Additionally, some stores offers personalized cutting boards with free engraving on the premium wood of your choosing.


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Coaster set

† Choose a set of ceramic coasters with beautiful patterns that will complement the décor of the new home, or pick a set of novelty coasters to put a smile on your host’s face.

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Mason jars

† Mason jars are a perfect gift idea because of their versatility and multi-functional nature. A mason jar can be hung with fairy lights on the wall or over the door as a fantastic decoration, or it can be used as a convenient organizer for kitchen utensils, food holders, or indoor planters.

Aromatherapy diffuser

† Who doesn’t love to come home to a fresh-smelling house? Another thoughtful gift that will not break the bank is an essential oil diffuser. Amazon products offer a variety of healthy essential oils to give the house a clean, relaxing scent such as lemongrass, jasmine, or chamomile. The diffuser will emit mist, masking any pet or animal orders, cigarette smoke smell, or bad house odors.

Flickering flameless candles

† One of the  reviews considered housewarming gift ideas on Amazon Prime is the flameless candle with remote control and timer. They are safer to use for households with pets and small children, as they come without the risk of being a fire hazard. With the timer and remote, one can enjoy the calming atmosphere the candles bring without worrying about getting up to turn them off.

Kitchen tools set

† Look no further than a set of high quality kitchen tools for the cooking lovers! The all-inclusive kitchen utensil sets with top reviews on Amazon often include at least 25 pieces, ranging from whisks, tongs, spatulas, pizza cutters, to bottle opener. This gift is designed to inspire you to cook like a chef!

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Custom welcome door mat

† A welcome door mat is a darling way to greet house guests and to show off a bit of the homeowner’s personality. You can choose a customized door mat with the family name of the new homeowners as a gift to add to their front door. Choose one that is of high quality, is durable, and stays easy to clean.

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† All products mentioned above can be found on Amazon Prime for quick purchase and hassle-free shipment. Your thoughtful gifts are guaranteed to be delivered to you or to your new-homeowner friend on time and in the best condition. Read through the top reviews to find the best of products for homes that will certainly wow your new-homeowner friends without breaking your budget.

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