Endemic taxa of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Missing from iNat taxonomy [incomplete]:

  • 5 moths (Orenaia pallidivittalis, Eucosma complicana, Eucosma fasciculatana, Epinotia tsugana, Dioryctria vancouverella)
  • 4 fish that went extinct before they could be formally described (Dragon Lake Whitefish (Coregonus sp., 2 species), Hadley Lake Limnetic and Benthic Sticklebacks (Gasterosteus sp. 12 & 13))
  • 3 leafhoppers (Rosenus decurvatus, Aphrophora regina, A. ampliata)
  • 1 flowering plant (Geum schofieldii)
  • 12+ tentative species not currently recognized due to lack of existing genetic work (ex. Cultus Pygmy Sculpin, Pygmy Longfin Smelt)