Animals - Photo no rights reserved Birds - Photo (c) Kenny P., some rights reserved (CC BY-NC) Sandpipers and Allies - Photo (c) Marilyn Castillo Muñoz, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-ND) Black-crowned Night-Heron - Photo no rights reserved Land Crabs - Photo (c) Lon&Queta, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA) Hunter Hawkmoths - Photo (c) Viet Anh Nguyen, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA) Eighty-eight Butterflies - Photo (c) Julio Alejandro Álvarez Ruiz, all rights reserved Gecarcinucidae - Photo (c) Pieter Prins, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC) Pond Spreadwings - Photo (c) Anthony Zukoff, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA)
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Colubrid Snakes - Photo (c) Chien Lee, all rights reserved Red-necked Keelback - Photo (c) amf, all rights reserved Orange-collared Keelback - Photo (c) Hari, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-ND) Oxyrhopus - Photo (c) Geoff Gallice, some rights reserved (CC BY) Kukri Snakes - Photo (c) akrohn, all rights reserved, uploaded by Alex Krohn Black Cross-barred Kukri Snake - Photo (c) rajib, all rights reserved, uploaded by Rajib Rudra Tariang Mahafaly Snakes - Photo (c) Frank Vassen, some rights reserved (CC BY) Six-lined Water Snake - Photo (c) herpguy, all rights reserved, uploaded by Paul Freed Northern Cat-eyed Snake - Photo (c) Laurent Hesemans, all rights reserved
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Reptiles - Photo (c) Keven Law, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA) Life List Of Reptiles (Class Reptilia)
Poison Dart Frogs - Photo (c) J.P. Lawrence, all rights reserved Epipedobates - Photo (c) Ryan L. Lynch, all rights reserved Glass Frogs - Photo (c) Junner Gonzalez, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC) Hyalinobatrachium - Photo (c) 118045436407732272621, all rights reserved, uploaded by Marco Rada Upper Amazon Glass Frog - Photo (c) Paul Maier, all rights reserved Grandidier's Madagascar Frog - Photo (c) Daniel Austin, all rights reserved Cowan's Mantella - Photo (c) Franco Andreone, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA) Dwarf Jungle Frog - Photo (c) amphibiawebecuador, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC) Tree Frogs and Allies - Photo (c) Ryan Lynch, all rights reserved, uploaded by Ryan L. Lynch
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Amphibians - Photo (c) Andrés Mauricio Forero Cano, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC) Life List Of Amphibians (Class Amphibia)