Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Spider egg sac 2021-12-06 text Is a spider's egg sac/mass present?
Ohio Provenance 2021-12-05 text An Ohio tree whose seeds will be used for propagation due to its impressive size, longevity or seed production. Intent is to encourage the spread of ecologically significant native genotypes within a species naturally occurring within the state of Ohio.
Additional observer 2021-12-05 text
Same Specimen - Different Day 2021-12-04 text
Part of Tree 2021-12-04 text Which area of the tree is it growing on?
Pregnant Female Total length (cm) 2021-12-04 text
Pregnant Female Total length 2021-12-04 text (cm)
Floral stage 2021-12-03 text Mature flower with anthers fallen off to prevent self-pollination
Developmental stage of organism 2021-12-03 text
Developemental stage of life cycle 2021-12-03 text Embryo
Bergeson 2021-12-02 text
Williams, Brianna BIOL 117 2021-12-02 text Fall 2021
DNA Barcoding at Purdue Fort Wayne (BIOL 11700) 2021-12-01 text
Número de fotos con flor IA (XicotliData) 2021-12-01 text Número de fotos detectadas con flor por la IA
First iNat observation 2021-11-30 text The first iNat observation of any given species. Note: this means that there should only be one observation with this field per species.
Project Identifier 2021-11-29 text Code to enable filtering of observations made along the Okanagan Rail Trail corridor from observations of other trails.
Type illustrations 2021-11-28 text Illustrations on iNaturalist of described type specimens
Moth sugar bait 2021-11-27 text Painted on wood
Bell diameter in mm 2021-11-27 numeric Maximum distance between either side of the jellyfish bell (dorsal view)
Bell diameter 2021-11-27 numeric Distance between either side of the bell when round or ovaloid
Okanagan Rail Trail Location - Section 2021-11-26 text Multi-kilometre long sections of the trail between the noted km markers that are near the named landmarks that have public parking nearby.
Okanagan Rail Trail Location- KM Segment 2021-11-26 text One kilometre long segments of the trail between KM markers.
Especie asociada 2021-11-26 text Especie con la cual interactúa organismo observado
Color de corola (XicotliData) 2021-11-26 text Color de corola
Moulting 2021-11-26 text Spider in observation is moulting/just moulted.
Forma de corola (XicotliData) 2021-11-26 text Formas de la corola
Bioacoustics 2021-11-26 text Sound of the animals
Sociabilidad (XicotliData) 2021-11-26 text Nivel de cooperación
Tamaño corporal (XicotliData) 2021-11-26 text Categorias de tamaño corporal relativas. Se toma como referencia el largo corporal de la abeja de la miel, Apis mellifera.
Lugar de nidificación (XicotliData) 2021-11-25 text Este campo hace referencia al lugar donde la especie de abeja construye su nido. Hipogeo = dentro del suelo y Epigeo = sobre el suelo
New observation field