Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Prey type 12-02-2023 text
Color Morph 12-02-2023 text
Pheromone 12-02-2023 text Pheromone lure used to attract species
gall 12-01-2023 text ash-leaf-bunching
Number of beetles on flower 12-01-2023 numeric Count the number of beetles observed
Other/Unknown Invertebrates 12-01-2023 numeric Total count of the unknown invertebrates visiting the flower
Number of Butterflies/Moths 12-01-2023 numeric County the butterflies/moths
Number of Flies 12-01-2023 numeric Count the number of flies
Number of Metallic Hairy Belly Bees 12-01-2023 numeric County the metallic hairy belly bees
Number of Striped Hairy Belly Bees 12-01-2023 numeric County the striped hairy belly bees
Number of Tiny Dark Bees 12-01-2023 numeric Count the tiny dark bees
Number of Metallic Green Bees 12-01-2023 numeric Count the Metallic Green Bees
habitat image 12-01-2023 text The image accompanying the audio is of the habitat only. Evidence of the observed organism in the image is not expected.
Specimen Length 12-01-2023 text what length the animal is/was
CSS 11-30-2023 text
Plant bud 11-29-2023 text
DNA Barcode TUB2 11-29-2023 text DNA sequence for beta-tubulin gene
Number of Medium Striped Dark Bees 11-29-2023 numeric Count the number of medium striped dark bees
Number of Chap Legged Bees 11-29-2023 numeric Chap legged bees on flower
Number of Bumblebees 11-29-2023 numeric Bumblebees observed on flower
Number of Honeybees 11-29-2023 numeric Honeybees Observed on Flower
Eulophia hians "taxa" 11-29-2023 text Informal groupsing in the hians complex
Inflorescence budding? 11-28-2023 text
Direction to call 11-28-2023 text
Ruru call type 11-28-2023 text
Bio 2 Section Number Spring 2024 11-28-2023 text Add your section number here
Pitcairn Island 11-28-2023 text
N= 11-28-2023 text
Persistent plant part 11-27-2023 text At least one persistent plant part is visible
Locational details 11-26-2023 text State if observation is in the Robert Findlay Wildlife Reserve RFWR, the Shorebird Centre SBC or adjacent habitat AH
New observation field