Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Datatype Description
Animal behavior text What was the group doing? For example, moving quickly to the northeast, eating a mahi mahi, milling around...
certainty text Are you sure or unsure about the identity of this species?
Individual identification text known individual animals that have been part of a long term study
Centro de Estudios Tecnológicos del mar No.11 y alrededores. text Zona de observación
Group size numeric Number of individuals in the observed group
Parque Itarär text
Corallorhiza trifida text
Wooden Disc Invertebrate Monitoring text
Wingspan (mm) numeric From wingtip to wingtip
Closed on QuestaGame? text Once closed, it no longer gives Pays to Know rewards
Container size numeric diameter of pot in inches
Adelges taxon Adelges galls and the insects that form them
prova text
on alnus text
Nom de la plante hôte text Famille,genre ou espèce
Crete text Greek island in the Mediterranean
River Drainage text
Ear Shape text
Parts eaten text How much of animal was eaten by predator/s
Evening Grosbeak call type text Which call type were the observed Evening Grosbeaks?
Darin text Sighting
啊啊 text
orquidea pelicano text orquidea terrestre
Edible text According to local knowledge the fruit Edible? Yes or No
Secci Depth (m) Average numeric Average of Reading 1 and 2
MBB Eggs numeric How many MBB eggs did you find?
Sumner dune restoration plot ID text The plots used in the Sumner dune restoration monitoring.
Habitat Type Trout Bay text
Polinizadores taxon Atrae Insectos Benéficos
Flowers : text Corolla size, colour, shape, hairy sepals or calyx etc.
New observation field