Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
on Phlomis 2021-07-26 text Phlomis
BS Plot Number 2021-07-24 numeric
on Aster scaber 2021-07-24 text Aster scaber
State after fire 2021-07-24 text Whether the plant died or how it resprouted post fire
FeSO4 (aq) Test 2021-07-23 text Testing for color changes when iron(II) sulfate solution is dripped onto the specimen
KOH (aq) Test 2021-07-23 text Testing for color changes when potassium hydroxide solution is dripped onto the specimen
NH3 (aq) Test 2021-07-23 text Testing for color changes when ammonia solution is dripped onto the specimen
Pollen present in corbicula or scopa 2021-07-23 text Is there a visible pollen collection within the corbicula or scopa
Espécie hospedeira 2021-07-22 text Espécie arbórea que hospeda o ninho
Mottled form of Megarhyssa greenei? 2021-07-21 text Atypical form of M. greenei not mentioned in literature. See Dr. Carlson's comment: https://bugguide.net/node/view/571612. Native Range: U.S East Coast GA to NJ. Presumably introduced to OR and UT.
Micro Locale: 2021-07-21 text
Killed by Karenia brevis 2021-07-21 text
Moth count 2021-07-20 numeric
Pouch young present? 2021-07-20 text
Nearby water feature 2021-07-20 text e.g. dam, lake, creek (permanent or intermittent), drainage line, bridge or culvert
Roadside habitat 2021-07-20 text e.g. bushland, grassland with trees, grassland, agricultural cultivation, residential housing
bee behavior 2021-07-19 text What was the bee doing?
Gallformers Code 2021-07-19 text Working code for undescribed galls, e.g. "c-filaginifolia-cotton-bud-gall"
"Juveniles" 2021-07-18 text Jóvenes independiente de los padres pero que no han completado aún la muda post-juvenal (muda preformativa o de inmaduro). No se consideran registros de aves No Passeriformes en plumaje Juvenil.
on Cichorium 2021-07-18 text Cichorium
Adult/Juvenile 2021-07-18 text
"Nido con Polluelos" (Nestling seen within nest or nearby) 2021-07-17 text Nido con uno o más polluelos, vistos u oídos.
"Nido Activo en Estado Desconocido" (Active nest at unknown stage) 2021-07-17 text Registro de un nido activo del cual se desconoce si se ha completado su construcción, si hay huevos, o si hay polluelos.
Juvenil o Juvenal 2021-07-17 text Jóvenes que han dejado el nido y son capaces de cuidarse por si mismos, pero no han completado aun la muda post-juvenal (muda de inmaduro)
"Alimentación de Polluelos" (Adult carrying food for young) 2021-07-17 text Adulto alimentando a jóvenes que han dejado el nido, pero que todavía no vuelen y no son independientes.
"Crías Recién Emplumadas o Volantones" (Recently fledged or downy young observed while still dependent upon adults) 2021-07-17 text Jóvenes que aún son dependientes de los padres.
"Polluelos" (Adult feeding young that have left the nest, but are not yet flying and independent) 2021-07-17 text Presencia de Polluelos
"Nido con huevos" (Nest with eggs) 2021-07-17 text Evidente presencia de huevos en un nido
"Nido ocupado" (Occupied nest) 2021-07-17 text nido ocupado; cuando se observa un adulto entrando, evidenciando permanencia en el nido, relevos de incubación, etc.
"Construcción de Nido" (Nest building at apparent nest site) 2021-07-17 text Evidencia de la construcción del nido.
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