Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Trees of Southern Africa 2022-11-29 text
Several species of swifts 2022-11-27 text Do you know of other swift species living in the same area at the same time? If so, add the names of those species
URL Birdcalls 2022-11-27 text Add link to your audio-observation of the same swift and its calls
Cave habitat 2022-11-27 text
Is this tree important? Why 2022-11-25 text Please comment about if and why this tree is important
Should this tree be considered as a champion tree? 2022-11-25 text Please indicate if this tree is exceptional
Diagnostic method 2022-11-25 text Please describe the method (e.g. diagnostic PCR, microscopy, culture sequenced) used to confirm the presence of C. corticale
Ant ID Fixes 2022-11-25 text To avoid clutter in the Discord. View instructions there. For observers, ignore this field, it's a marker for identifiers.
Surface life? 2022-11-25 text Did you find any floating surface life today? If unsure, check out our field guide: https://goseascience.org/field-guide/
Herbivore identity confirmed? 2022-11-24 text "y" if the herbivore was observed, "n" if hypothesized
Herbivore identity 2022-11-24 taxon Observed or hypothesized herbivore
סיור מודרך 2022-11-24 text
סיור 2022-11-24 text
מושקה\ טבעי 2022-11-24 text
California Allium of interest to Patrick 2022-11-24 text I'm using this observation field to track interesting morphotypes.
Ventral View/Dorsal View 2022-11-23 text Is this the ventral or dorsal view?
journal 2022-11-23 text additional information about the subject.
Description of Locality 2022-11-23 text Describe exactly where you found the specimen i.e. in sphagnum next to a decomposing log, at the base of a large tanoak tree, gregarious in litter 2m W of the trail
MCMT 2022-11-22 numeric Mean coldest month temperature (dC)
MWMT 2022-11-22 numeric Mean warmest Month Temperature (degree C)
Tmon10 2022-11-22 numeric The number of months with an average temperature of 10 dC and above.
Timothy Sanders 2022-11-22 text Bears
Joey 2022-11-21 text Joey status
Bitkiler_AMARYLLIDACEAE 2022-11-21 text
Specific description of location 2022-11-21 text e.g. growing 5 feet South of the Bridle Falls trail parking lot on a stump.
Dominant understory species (Latin or common name) 2022-11-21 text Dominant understory species (Latin or common name)
Dominant overstory species (Latin or common name) 2022-11-21 text Dominant overstory species (Latin or common name)
M. maculata/spiculata? 2022-11-20 text
growing site on the tree 2022-11-18 text
Planta nectaria 2022-11-17 taxon Nombre de la planta donde se posa la mariposa
New observation field