Beth Duncan

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I blame my daughter Meghan for my obsession with all things nature. At at very young age she started asking about the birds in our suburban back yard. We purchased feeders, binoculars and books. It's 20 years later and we are both nature nerds. What started out as birding turned into a love of native plants, then spread to Leps and Odes and Herps. I admit, I still have not been able to feel as warm and fuzzy about spiders. I love citizen science and am the site manager for the monthly amphibian monitoring at Devine Lake Park in Leander, TX. I have learned so much with the help of iNat and its contributors as well as local mentors Mikael Behrens (birds and odes); Chuck Sexton and Brush Freeman (everything); Diane Sherrill (plants) and Kathy McCormack who got me started with amphibians and the monthly watches. I live in central Texas northwest of Austin but try and explore the rest of the state when I'm not working my full time job in the legal profession.

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