Retired Backyard Birders of Jefferson County Fla

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My husband and I are Ornithologists and founders of (Retired Backyard Birders) who enjoy all of Earth's wondrous feathered Creatures and Wildlife. Our Rewilding Florida (a practice of returning areas of land to a wild state, including the reintroduction of native plants, trees, and animal species that are no longer naturally found there). The journey begins much like any other birders/eco-conservationist in our backyard and community. We use four types of cameras a Kodak CX7430 zoom digital, two Canon PowerShot SX530HS and one Minolta FHD MN50HD Recorder which for the price and crisp photos these are perfect, UsoGood 12X50 Magnification, Tasco 8x21 Magnification Binoculars. We use many maps and of course field guides like Peterson Field Guide Birds of Eastern and Central North America, The Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds, and National Geographic Pocket Guide Birds Of North America to identify these beautiful (Species) birds. We study and research their habits for instance social behavior, nesting, feeding, mating rituals and migration. As fellow (Ornithologists) birders we like many many others have learned you must have patience and be willing to enjoy yourself no matter age, weather or disability (s) ("as my beloved is legally blind and birds by ear"). Birding is known to many as a calling; sadly there are those that just don't understand or comprehend what we do or why. Birding has been known to improve your mental and physical health, bring family (s) and friends together and create new long lasting relationships.
We hope you enjoy what you see here.
We can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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