Tigran Tadevosyan

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Herpetologist and Conservation Biologist

Genuine naturalist, biologist, herpetologist with interest in ecology, bio-geography, evolution, conservation and captive husbandry of amphibians and reptiles.

Graduate of Armenian Agriculture Academy (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (Doctor of Biology).

Author of several research papers, book chapters and web-sites on diversity and ecology of amphibians, reptiles and plants. Author of of Tedevosyan's Herpetological Resources (The first web site introducing Amphibians and Reptiles of Armenia for English speaking fellows). Co-Author and Co-Editor of Armenian Family Encyclopedia. Principal Investigator of "The Herpetofauna of The City of Yerevan" "Conservation of the Endangered Persian Sun-Watcher Lizard: Step 1"

Contributor of photos and data to the number of open source projects like Arkive, CalPhotos, EMBL Reptile Data-Base, Wikipedia as well as several private projects.

Initiator and admin of Armenian Citizen Herpetologist's Atlas (iNnaturalist), Earth's Lichens (iNaturalist) Amphibians and Reptiles of Armenia (Facebook group), Association of Citizen Herpetologist's (Facebook Group).

New Jersey State Approved Venomous Snake Construction Monitor.

Currently, Research Manager at the Cherokee Services Group contracted to US Geological Survey Brown Treesnake Project.

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