Why Youtube And Video has To Be In Your Marketing Funnel

Finding success on YouTube is something that's not difficult if you know what  doing. Yes, at this point you need to approach things a little differently since Google bought them and did their usual dances. We are confident you know about what is possible with YouTube, but maybe you just have not done anything about it, yet. If you want to do things smarter, then we are in business today.

One very underused function at YouTube is simply placing a link on your videos to another video that belongs to you. It only follows that if you give people enough value, then they will assume the rest of your videos are just as good. You see, this is exactly why it is worth your time to make your content the best it can be. Terrific content is just what it is, but you can make serious inroads with merely very solid and good content, too.

Just like on any blog, interacting with your viewers and small community circle is extremely helpful. If you get viewers, then hopefully they will comment or ask questions, and that is your chance to jump in and get some good discussion started.

Besides this, you should also ask your viewers to leave comments before you end the video and remind them how much you want their feedback. If you are feeling adventurous, then encouraging any video comments or replies can be put forth. Make a list of all you can do that will serve the purpose of community discussion and feedback.

There are basically two main places for promotions, on YouTube and then externally such as search engines and your own site. The first thing you should always focus on is getting your video to rank as high as possible at Google. Thanks to social media today, you're not limited in any way when it comes to getting targeted traffic to your videos; social sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer a tremendous opportunity to get targeted exposure to your videos, and get them shared and attract more subscribers.

In the end, each and every video that you upload on YouTube has the potential to make it big - so make sure you never ignore anything that may help you find long term success.

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