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I have been submitting arthropod photos to Bugguide, and MPG (Moth Photographer's Group) for about 10 years. Bugguide is my main group. I have well over two thousand photos there. During this time I have been living in the Bay Area of California. The time pretty equally divided between Santa Clara County, and Santa Cruz County.

I do not concentrate much on trying to ID species, as I have little skill in this area. I prefer to submit images for ID and then I log my finds and place my images into the appropriate places. In the process I do end up learning to recognize various taxa, but my enjoyment comes from making photos and data available so that the scientific community, and the general public, have access to photos and observations on whatever species I happen to photograph.

I have been taking a lot of pictures of plants lately. It is interesting to recognize the native California species, and it is pretty staggering how invasive species introduced from other parts of the world can dramatically over run native species. I was truly surprised by how many plant species in California are becoming extinct. People speculate about life on other planets? I think if we went 100 years in the past, or in the future, we would see vastly different life forms right here. Entire hillsides now are completely dominated by introduced plants and animals, and the grizzly bear on our state flag has not been in California for decades. It's anyone's guess what will be here in a hundred years.

I'm not saying the sky is falling. I'm just wondering...If it were falling, would we know, or even care?

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