Jennifer Aitkens

I'm a fisheries biologist by training, a writer by vocation, and a photographer by, well, the need to put myself through university back in the day. I'm fascinated by the natural world and love to identify and share what I see around me.

My profile name is derived from the scientific name of the ocean sunfish, Mola mola. I was looking around my office one day for inspiration for an online nickname and - presto - my eye fell upon the classic textbook, Pacific Fishes of Canada by J.L. Hart. A photograph of the ocean sunfish that I'd seen recently popped into my head, I looked up the scientific name, and adopted it.

I've always enjoyed taxonomy, but I have to thank the late Professor David Harvey (D.H.) Pengelly, University of Guelph (1922-2004), for making Latin and Greek come alive for me in his aquatic insect collection course.

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