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Here is a random collection of helpful journal posts, tips, species guides, etc. that I have found. They are in no particular order, and it's a work in progress:

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An online pictorial glossary of botanical terms:

From @nathantaylor
- he’s also written numerous other guides, plus provided a helpful hub to find them. Find the hub here:
-Journal on dandelions

Several from @pfau_tarleton
- identifying Agalinis in Texas

-Draba and related genera:

- iNaturalist Tips

- Guide to anemones

- gopher vs. mole signs

- Bumblebees of Texas
- Guide to Zelus - (Assasin Bugs)

Several helpful ones from @bouteloua

Two by @lanechaffin (and he has others, too: check out his journal posts)

This one on identifying some often-confused trees with compound leaves

Several by @kimberlietx:

One on Goblet Mosses

These are the ones I've written so far:


Cedar Elm or Winged Elm

American Elm or Slippery Elm

Introduced Elms: Chinese Elm and Siberian Elm


Sesbania, Riverhemps, and Bladder Pod

ie for Soapberries

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