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Kayaking north Florida led us into the natural world. We are both Florida Master Naturalists but this is only the beginning of a long tutelage into learning about the life outdoors. Although we have post graduate degrees, neither has had even a single course in biology in college.

I see inaturalist as a rich data source for species locations; nothing is static in nature and species move. Any off-focused, ill framed, technically low quality photos which I include is to locate the species and if an inadequate photo but with decipherable ID is all I have, I will post it for data purposes. I do crop, but, in a kayak, from where most photos are being taken in moving water, it is not often possible to get clear photos with a waterproof point and shoot camera. Except for the Womack Creek shots, the photographs were taken as incidents of paddling or enroute to paddling destinations.

Sometimes, nature captures our whole attention, as in Newman Sound, Newfoundland last summer when we were the only boaters in a huge sound which was filled with lion's mane and moon fish jellyfish. We stopped paddling, just to let the kayaks float where they would, observing the incredible fluidity of life under us, marveling at and thankful for these gifts of the moment which being outdoors bring to us.

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