Nina Rach

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Native New Yorker, based in Texas for the last 30 years, Texas Master Naturalist, and most interested in plants (particularly orchids and other epiphytes), geology, geography, and birds. Cornell graduate and avid eBird user!

Currently president of Houston's Outdoor Nature Club (ONC), helping to shepherd our 700-acre Little Thicket Nature Sanctuary in San Jacinto County, and have served as Chair of the ONC's Ornithology Group since 2013. American Orchid Society Judge since 1991, and active member/past-president of the Houston Orchid Society.

I completed four Bird-a-Day Big Years, in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016 (Leap Year!) Bird-a-Day was a web-based, worldwide challenge administered by Trey Mitchell (Miami). The challenge was to see how many days in a row you could see/hear a “new” bird for the year, beginning January 1. You could not repeat a species, nor skip a day without seeing/ listing a new one. Any non-caged, non-captive, free-flying bird was allowed; except for chickens of any sort. It really encouraged me to study seasonal bird movements and required a lot of planning.

I enjoy travel and photography (Nikon), have visited six continents, and worked in five of them. It's a pity I have no talent for learning languages.

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