Arthur Windsor

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My stomping grounds are primarily within Palm Beach (where I live) and Martin (neighboring to the north) Counties in southeast Florida. There are several dozen natural areas that I frequent. Certain days are better than others, but what is great about iNat is one can build a body of work. I especially like working on and adding observations to projects. I am not a very good identifier. My talent is in the stealthy grunt work of going out and photographing unique things. Quality and capturing a good profile are my aim when shooting because research grade is the best achievement for an observation. I will take photos of flowers and fungus that catch my eye, but I am really after anything in the animal kingdom.

As my interest in wildlife photography has grown, I started making iNat an integral part of my travel/vacation plans.
2016.....Everglades City, FL
2017.....Caribbean Cruise
2017.....Sanibel, FL
2018.....Jacksonville, FL
2018.....The Florida Keys
2021.....Chenango County, NY

Likely to be next...
Kissimmee Prairie, FL

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