Jason Michael Crockwell Curator

I enjoy seeing and learning about what's in the wild. I enjoy photographing various taxa and hope my contributions can be used one day in somebody's research. I enjoy traveling and have several road trip photography adventures under my belt and I'm currently working on setting up a blog about my most notable finds from all my adventures including road trips, bioblitzes and day trips.

Equipment - I currently use a Nikon D300s with a sigma EM-140 ring flash attached to a fixed 85mm Nikon lens.

Major project interest - I am currently working on photographically documenting all the native species of slugs county by county throughout New England and bordering New York in an attempt to extend/complete the ranges documented in The Distributions of the Native Land Mollusks of the Eastern United States, Leslie Hubricht 1985. I have spent the last three years searching for and studying these slugs however due to exceptionally dry seasons progress had been slowed way down if not haulted at times but because of an exceptIonally wet season this year things are off and running with excellent success so far. My interest in the native species extends to Canada, the West Coast, Mexico, Central and South America however due to a lack of resources on several levels I felt it best to focus my main attention on documenting what I can within a reasonable distance and the family Philomycidae is my primary target.

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