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I am a self-taught nature and wildlife photographer passionate about nature and wildlife photography. I try to start my day with a visit to the local nature preserves and private lands I frequent. I have PTSD and Social Anxiety disorders. Nature is my solace. I find nature to be the most relaxing and non-stressing activity. The photos are just the icing on the cake because I enjoy sharing with those who can not get out into nature alone or enjoy nature photos. The world is full of bad things, and nature provides the good in my life. I am married to a lovely lady who supports me as best she can. She is also an excellent owl spotter. I am currently unemployed and trying to scratch out a living with my photos. Going out into nature is how I stay sane. I am a recovering alcoholic, and this is the only way I stay sober and sane.
I was abused as a child and teen and did many stressful jobs and therapeutic foster care for 17 years. I also have an educational technology background. I was a computer technician for eight years and then Network Administrator at a private high school in Manchester, Vermont, for twelve and a half years. During my tenure, I worked with photography and cinematography programs. I am also a very capable cinematographer and editor. I live for wildlife photography, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to afford this lifestyle. My sobriety and sanity are the most important to my family and me. I adopted two troubled kids, and they promptly left home at 17. My biological son is a wonderful, intelligent, responsible man married and working in Georgia. I want to move south to photograph more reptiles and amphibians. Please support me in any way you can. My photos are for sale from my website or

Everyone deserves a little nature therapy!

"Rick Armitage"

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