Peace, everybody ---

I'm an "Old School" Herpetologist/Wildlife Biologist/Certified Wetlands Delineator based in Central New Jersey, with more than 35 years experience. I'm also an accomplished captive breeder, with the successful reproduction of well over 100 species/ssp. of reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, and invertebrates to my credit. People/friends have called me "Fingers" since Junior High, because my real last name is strangely spelled, and can be hard to pronounce!
I have participated in biological surveys throughout the United States, and have a particular interest in Island and European herpetology. I'm also a big fan of Land Snails, Silkmoths, arachnids, fossils, and carnivorous plants. I enjoy researching the meanings behind Latin names, and have gotten pretty good at deciphering them over the years. (for example, " Pantherophis guttata" = "spotted predatory snake of all animals". An improvement, as the old "Elaphe guttata" meant "spotted deer", lol!)
I have an intense love and respect for all creatures put on this Earth by the Gods and Goddesses, and wish to learn and share as much knowledge of them as I can.
I am proud to now count myself among the passionate and talented individuals of iNaturalist.
Blessed Be!

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