Carla Cooper

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I've spent my professional life as an Environmental Planner, working for 8 years at the CT Department of Environmental Protection in a myriad of capacities including: managing wetlands replication and restoration projects for residential, commercial, corporate and public developments; providing technical assistance to municipal wetland commissions; developing and implementing education and training programs for municipal wetland commissions; conducting environmental reviews of state, local and private development projects including golf courses, interstate highways, industrial parks and residential subdivisions; investigating environmental complaints, issuing enforcement orders and working with the Office of the Attorney General in correcting violations of environmental laws; drafting and reviewing state and local wetlands protection regulations for compliance with state laws.

In 1995, I relocated to Martha's Vineyard and started, Cooper Environmental Services, LLC. For the last 25 years my focus has been on impact analysis of residential construction on rare and threatened habitats, project mitigation, project management and regulatory review.

I recently scaled back my field work because of the proliferation of ticks and the increasing threat of tick-borne illnesses . I'm now taking more time to relax and learn more about the fascinating geologic and cultural history of the island.

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