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I live on the East Coast of South Africa. I am a hobbyist with a particular interest in flowering plants, bryophytes and shoreline invertebrates.

Home library:

Compositae in Natal, O.M. Hilliard 1977
The Botany of the Southern Natal Drakensberg, O.M. Hilliard/B.L.Burt 1987
Streptocarpus ( An African Plant Study ), O.M. Hilliard/B.L.Burt 1971
The Manuleae ( A Tribe of Scrophulariaceae ), O.M. Hilliard 1994
Flowers of the Natal Drakensberg , O.M. Hilliard 1990
Wild Flowers KwaZulu-Natal ( and the Eastern Region ), Elsa Pooley 2005
Mountain Flowers, Elsa Pooley 2003
The Flowers of KwaZulu-Natal, Joan Walker 2004
Wild Flowers of KwaZulu-Natal Midlands & Drakensberg, Lal Green 2008
The Flora of the Natal Drakensberg, Donald Killick, 1990
The Plant Ecology of the Isipingo Beach Area, Cecil James Ward 1980
Guide to the seaweeds of KwaZulu-Natal, O.De Clerck/J.J.Bolton/R.J.Anderson/E.Coppejans 2005
Cycads & Cycad Moths of KwaZulu-Natal, M.R.Cooper/D.Goode 2002
In the mangroves of South Africa, P.Berjak/G.campbell/B.Huckett/N.Pammenter 2001
Pooley's Trees of Eastern South Africa, Richard Boon 2010
What's that Tree, Eugene Moll 2011
Wild Flowers of South Africa , John Manning 2009
Ferns of Southern Africa, N.R. Crouch/R.R. Klopper/J.E.Burrows/S.M. Burrows 2011
Guide to the Grasses of Southern Africa, F. van Oudtshoorn/ E. van Wyk
Orchids of South Africa, s. Johnson/ B. Bytebier 2015
Guide to the Aloes of South Africa, B-E van Wyk/ G.F.Smith 2014
Field Guide to Succulents in Southern Africa, G.F. Smith/ N.R. Crouch/ E. Figueiredo 2017
Mesembs of the World, G.F. Smith/P. Chesselet/ E.J. van Jaarsveld/ H. Hartmann/ S. Hammer/ B-E van Wy P. Burgoyne/C. Klak/ H. Kurzweil 1998
Succulent Flora of Southern Africa, Doreen Court 2010
Gladiolus in Southern Africa, P. Goldblatt/ J. Manning 1998
Karoo, SA Wild Flower Guide 6, D.Shearing/K.van Heerden 2008
Wild Flowers of the Roggeveld & Tanqua, H. van der Merwe/G. van Rooyen 2010
Wild Flowers of Northern South Africa, A. Fabien/G. Germishuizen 1997
Wild Flowers of the Highveld, B. van Wyk/S. Malan 1998
Field Guide to Fynbos, J. Manning 2008
West Coast, SA Wild Flower Guide 7, J. Manning/P. Goldblatt 2007
Namaqualand, SA Wild Flower Guide 1, A. le Roux/Zelda Wahl 2005
Richtersveld The Enchanted Wilderness, G. Williamson 2010
Namaqualand, A Succulent Desert, R. Cowling/S. Pierce/ C. Paterson-Jones, 2002
Guide to Plant Families of Southern Africa, M. Koekemoer/ H.M. Steyn / S.P. Bester 2014
Problem Plants & Alien Weeds of South Africa, C. Bromilow 2010
Plants in Peril, D. Raimondo/K.Grieve/ R. Koopman/ I. Ebrahim 2013
Wild Flowers of Southeast Botswana, G. Kirby 2013
British Mosses & Liverworts, E.V. Watson, 1959
England's Rare Mosses & Liverworts, R.D. Porley 2013
Mosses & Liverworts, R. Porley/N. Hodgetts
Flora of Southern Africa, Bryophyta - Fascicle 1, R.E. Magill, 1981
Flora of Southern Africa, Bryophyta - Fascicle 2, R.E.Magill, 1987
Flora of Southern Africa, Bryophyta - Fascicle 3, R.E. Magill/J. van Rooy 1998
Flora of Southern Africa, Hepatophyta - Fascicle 1, S.M. Perold 1999 -- PDF file.

So, should you want any info from these publications, just ask.

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