Clinton Duffy Curator

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I am the Curator of Marine Biology at Auckland Museum, Auckland, New Zealand. I took up this position on Feb 12, 2024.

Prior to that I worked for the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) from July 1989- February 2024. My various DOC roles included the establishment and monitoring of marine reserves, marine biodiversity surveys, co-leader of the New Zealand great white shark research program with Dr Malcolm Francis (NIWA), conservation advocacy, technical advice related to the department's functions under the Resource Management Act, marine biosecurity and management of New Zealand's protected fishes and marine reptiles.

I have a broad interest in all forms of marine life, with particular expertise in the taxonomy and conservation biology of sharks and rays.

Please note this is a personal account. All associated posts, identifications, comments and opinions are my own not those of Auckland Museum or DOC, nor do they represent institutional endorsements on my behalf.

It is my wish that all of the content I have contributed to iNaturalist (photos, comments, etc.) remain on the site in the event of my death.

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