Colin Purrington

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Plant evolutionary biologist by training but I know how to ID certain insects, too. If you think I might be of help for an ID please don't hesitate to tag me. And if you have a moment to spare, my observations that need ID help are listed here. I post nature pics to Instagram in case you don't get enough here on iNaturalist. I also have a blog where I post my pics along with more detailed natural history commentary. My blog also has gratuitous advice on designing conference posters and such, just in case you're in need of Type A academic tips (I used to teach at Swarthmore College). If you're into solitary bees and wasps, please consider joining Bee and Wasp Hotels, a project I started here on iNaturalist in order to learn more about the biology of residents. My email address is my full name at if you'd like to send me a note.

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