Dan Killam

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I am an environmental scientist at the San Francisco Estuary Institute, studying how nutrients cycle in the San Francisco Bay.

Previously, I was an invertebrate paleontologist and postdoctoral researcher at Biosphere 2. We are growing Tridacna derasa and T. squamosa in the Biosphere 2 ocean tank. Before that, I worked on Glycymeris nummaria at the University of Haifa for over a year. In my PhD I studied giant clams, the extinct Jurassic lithiotids and other bivalves at UCSC. But I love organisms of all kinds.

I write about all sorts of stuff at https://dantheclamman.blog
Mastodon: https://scicomm.xyz/@dantheclamman
You can find me on instagram and twitter at username: dantheclamman

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