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Long time observation/Photography contributor to Mushroomobserver.org(joined Jan. 2011). Published author of "Fungal Freedom-A Guide To Wild Mushrooms Of Washington State." Focusing on all major Genera of common macrofungi, slime molds, myco-heterotrophic flowering plants, Lichens and tree associates in the Pacific Northwest(Washington State specifically). I have contributed over 15,000 images with descriptions of a multitude of fungi that I know and love on Mushroomobserver.org and seek out to learn new taxa on a daily basis. Accumulated and continually expanding my collection of 1,000+ Dried, Documented/vouchered/bagged fungal specimens in home herbarium(most coinciding with my 3000+numbered mushroom observer observations-began recording/entering backlogged collections on MO in 2014). Also a NAMA(North American Mycological Association) national photography contest award winner, contributor to multiple publications(Mother Earth Living, Northernbushcraft, Wikipedia, Discoverlife, Encyclopedia of Life, "Mushrooms Of The Northwest", "Medicinal Mushrooms of Western North America", “Safe Mushroom Foraging(Iowa State University)”, “Medicinal Mushrooms-The Human Clinical Trials,” “Polypores and Similar Fungi of Eastern and Central North America”, Photocrowd and The Mycophile and an avid assistant with ID of fungi for others. A few of my photographs are being used here on iNaturalist as the type examples for species( Inosperma maximum, Urnula padeniana, Hydnellum fuscoindicum, Leptonia cyanea, Asterophora lycoperdoides, Amanita umbrinidisca and Sarcosphaera spp.). I have become almost as equally passionate about ornithology in the last few years and try to capture as many birding images as I can, as well, especially during winter months(along with whatever new plant or critter crosses my path). Eagle Scout(awarded Dec. 1994) project: habitat restoration of Woodard Creek/wetland with Olympia, WA stream team. Graduate(B.A. The Evergreen State College). TESC master's of environmental science wetland monitoring internship(summer 2009).

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