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Also feel free to call me globose dune Ivan or fat innkeeper Ivan. I am interested in pretty much everything, with a strong passion for narrow-range endemics, particularly of California and South Africa. I spend my free time pushing through the chaparral/fynbos with a comically-sized camera, staring in the tidepools until I have to swim back, or sorting for hours through similar-looking Batrachoseps until I've half-convinced myself that I can tell the difference. My unofficial specialties are Coelus dune beetles, California salamanders, chaparral plants and birds, and intertidal inverts. There's nothing that isn't fascinating to me in the natural world, but I have a tender spot in my heart for the less-loved, less-noticed, and lower-on-the-food chain species. I'll get excited about the mysterious and spine-tingling Amblypygi to overrated, every-day raptors.

I am putting together a photographic book on California endemics, so if you know of any rare species I can photograph, give me a holler.

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