Jim Moore (Maryland)

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Lifelong world birder focusing more on other wildlife in recent years, especially arthropods. I'm interested in most arthropods, but particularly fond of flies, jumping spiders, aquatic insects, springtails, beetles, and anything obscure such as fungus weevils or tiny parasitic wasps. And of course the charismatic megafauna of the insect world – butterflies and odonates – are always cool to encounter. With respect to IDing arthropods, I am most knowledgeable regarding those of the mid-atlantic region of the U.S., esp. odonates, butterflies, moths, and flower flies.

I am posting more observations to iNaturalist as time goes on, but don't post all my observations here. Many insects I post to bugguide.net, and Maryland observations to the Maryland Biodiversity Project. But My Flickr page contains most of my photos/observations of note other than US birds (which I record on eBird): https://www.flickr.com/photos/35716495@N08/albums

I am a contributing editor for the Maryland Biodiversity Project.

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