Julie Arington

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I'm the Park Manager at Steamboat Lake and Pearl Lake State Parks. I've always been interested in everything outdoors. For work purposes, I'm very interested in getting more complete biological data and species lists in my parks. I'm also hoping to involve our park visitors with this task. Personally, I've always been a "bird nerd" but find photographing them with my cheap camera or camera phone pretty challenging. Flowers are also pretty interesting and the hold still for photos a little better. However, I tend to get them to Genus and then give up on tracking down the species. I've been trying to get more detail though. Lately, I've tried to challenge myself to learn butterflies. I've signed up to do butterfly surveys at Steamboat Lake as part of the Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network to make sure I stay on task. I've found it to be extremely difficult, but rewarding. I'm still working hard on that, but my next mission will be mushrooms!



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