Katarzyna Nowak

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I'm a trained conservationist keen to hone my skills as a naturalist. That's what brings me to iNaturalist: I wish to share my observations of animals and plants with others in the iNat community, get better at species identification, and eventually, use iNat as a source of data and platform to address questions about the natural world and how it is adapting to change. For example, I am presently camera-trapping wildlife visitors to my garden's compost bin (held down and reinforced by bricks and rocks and still the striped skunk manages to dig its way in) as a way of tracking human-wildlife interactions in northern Colorado backyards (do you have a story to share about wildlife interacting with your compost bin?). Before moving to Colorado, I worked and lived primarily in East and South Africa focusing on threatened species, from monkeys to elephants, their habitats, from coastal mangroves to Afromontane forest, and their interactions with people. I still advise the Southern Tanzania Elephant Program (http://www.stzelephants.org/) which strives to nurture co-existence between farmers and elephants by constructing and maintaining beehive fences, a nonlethal method of deterring elephants from human food crops (elephants, like other mammals, don't like to get stung by bees). I am now learning about the inhabitants and climate of the Rockies, and am brewing a citizen science project on mountain goats. Stay tuned and thanks for browsing my observations!

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