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Took a bit to figure out what to label my self on INaturalist. I've settled on 'amateur entomologist.' The Amateur Entomologists' Society writes, "An entomologist is someone who takes an interest in insects, and studies them. They may be any age, and do not need to be professionals."

Photography has always been an interest of mine. No special equipment is necessary anymore to capture fascinating images although an upgrade is imminent. Currently I am using an IPhone with a clip-on macro lens. Passionate about capturing the beauty of this world and currently that world is mostly a front and back yard garden in the lower desert of Arizona. My preference is to document and identify photographs of living creatures or plants. I tend to dig deep into the behaviors and scientific aspects of one subject at a time.

Taking a free online Entomologist class through Coursera called Bugs 101 by the University of Alberta. I highly recommend this class for beginner amateur entomologists. Enjoying this subject matter deviation from the human animal degree obtained, Master's of Science in Counseling.

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