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Hello, Hello, Hello!

I'm just a (crazy 🤣) 14 year old Christian Texas girl who loves CHICKENS & nature. Everything God created is an expression of His love!
My family and I live on what's turning into a farm. I have birds (10 chickens & 5 guineas), dogs (2 mixed breeds and one wolfdog/tamaskan), honey bees, a calico cat, and a garden.

Feel free to message me anytime! I would love to talk with you and I value friendships.🙂
I am interested in all animals, science, art, crafting, baking, homesteading, dancing, and photography.

Have a wonderful day!!!


"The closer you come to God the more of the world you must leave behind. The two are polar opposites, mutually exclusive, incompatible."
---Paul Washer
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