Malcolm Kurtz

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Hi! I'm a high school avid birder, gardener, photographer, artist, and future ecologist in Pittsburgh PA. I have always been very fascinated by nature, since I was just a few years old. I have a passion for sustainable landscaping, making Eco-friendly choices and am always trying to find ways to benefit wildlife in my garden. I focus most of my time on the birds and plants native to my area, but fungi, insects, mammals and just about any other taxa can fascinate me.

I go birding often at Chatham University since the campus is close to where I live and I have found a surprising abundance of bird life there throughout the seasons. Some of my other hiking destinations include Frick park, Schenley park, Hartwood Acres park, and Eden Hall Farm.

I grow vegetables and flowers during the warm months in our urban garden and I have a knack for tropical plants including Mimosas, Mammillaria, Raphionacme etc, which I grow indoors year round.

It's nice to show others the incredible things that can be found in nature. Most people would never believe what amazing things are happening just in there own backyard! All it takes to see them is some patience, a good eye, and in my case, a pair of binoculars.

I am a member of Pittsburgh Youth Climate Action (PYCA), Three Rivers Birding Club (3RBC), and am becoming more involved in volunteering for the Pittsburgh parks and Tree Pittsburgh. Feel free to follow me, comment, or add identifications to my observations. I'd love to learn more.



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