Armin Weise

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I am a Masters student in Forestry at Clemson University, South Carolina, where I am working on a longleaf pine restoration project in the SC Sandhills region. Specifically, I'm working on restoring the understory vegetation for a future longleaf pine woodland.

I got my Bachelors in Environmental Studies at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. I focused on Sustainable Forestry and Management as well as on plant-fungal interactions. For my bachelor thesis I worked on the mycorrhizal associates and ecology of Monotropsis odorata (pygmy pipes). I have therefore become rather fond of the the Monotropoideae (Ericaceae) as well as other myco-heterotrophic plants.

Contrary to my iNat name, I am not exactly a fungal expert (although I do like fungi)... its just a neat play on words and my last name that would be too much to explain here, but it does have to do with mycorrhizae :)

If anybody would like to use any of my images, just contact me and I'd be happy to send them to you. I upload them at a much reduced size to the platform. Please also give me photo credit wherever you do end up using a photo!

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