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TEXAS: Goliad and Victoria Counties. ALL Plants and Wildlife in TEXAS are our passion! My name is Anna Livia. My husband is Dan. Together we are "Nature Rangers." We both live and work together at Coleto Creek Reservoir and Park in Goliad and Victoria counties. We love our work here. He is a park ranger and I am a park host and wildlife gardener, landscaping for wildlife! We both do an lot of volunteer time teaching fishing classes, nature events for schools, and guided nature walks on the park.

Dan got his degree in Biology at the University of Houston and he is great with wildlife identification. I am also pretty good with this. He is the scientist, right? And I am the artist, gardener, blogger... So it fits well together and we really enjoy seeing people spend time outside doing naturalist activities; birding, fishing, wildlife photography.

When I garden, I see the results almost right away. Butterflies come check out what I have going on in the garden, as do birds, lizards, insects and frogs and toads! I love it is immediately rewarding. Taking park visitors and their kids on nature walk is what we LOVE to do. Watching them discover, observe and enjoy the creation around them and learn about nature is our joy. Simple things can sometimes be the most memorable and well received by our guests. Take for instance the Mustang Grape, a wild perennial vine which makes wild and edible grapes, a very popular item on one of our walks. Our group spent about 15 minutes just pausing at the grape vine and trying for the first time this sour little fruit. The reaction and interest was so far above anything we expected. After the walk was over, we looked at each other, people like to try new things, and the edible plants seem to be a favorite.

We offer our biologist and naturalist guided Nature Walks at Coleto Creek Park. We would love to see you stop by if you are in the area.

I journal/blog on Facebook about our naturalist activities, post our events and Dan posts photos on a regular basis. Check us out at

For setting up Nature Walks which we offer by appointment please call us at the park office 361-575-6366. We are also available for Guided nature walks by appointment in many locations in our county and surrounding counties. So if you want to spend some time with us, learn how to ID plants and wildlife, enjoy our beautiful Texas outdoors this summer (or any season) just give us a ring, a shout or drop by.

We kinda cool like that.

Anna and Dan Beckendorf

Daniel Beckendorf, Park Ranger at Coleto Creek Park (Fannin, TX) and wife Anna Beckendorf

I am a park host, living on a park with my husband who is a biologist and park ranger. We both enrolled in training as Texas naturalists. We have worked together at several Texas locations in the nature and outdoors field since 2008. We studied Texas coastal biology as a hobby together, creating the largest Biologist Beachcomber Shell Exhibit of its kind in Port Aransas. We traveled and volunteered at several state, private and national park related organizations in the Coastal Bend. We enjoy learning the local flora and fauna, especially birds, mollusks, Wildflowers, plants, insects and herps! Wildlife ID is a hobby for us wherever we are.

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