Pauline Singleton

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I find everything in the great outdoors to be interesting. I'm a retired pharmacist, and now that I'm retired I hope I can spend more time in the outdoors.

I've been a Texas Master Naturalist since 1999 (Gulf Coast Chapter), and I've been a member of The Native Plant Society of Texas (Houston Chapter) for over 25 years. I've been a member of the Native Prairies Association of Texas for several years.

I am president of Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve in Tyler County.

I live in Harris County.

Despite have a lifelong love of the flora and fauna of our great state, I have soooo many gaps in my knowledge, and I know it! Please feel free to offer a correction of any identification that I post that seems wrong. One reason that I joined i-Naturalist is that it provides a wonderful opportunity to tap into other people's knowledge.

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