Pete McGregor

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Pete has loved strange and wild things and strange and wild places for as long as he can remember. During his undergraduate and graduate degrees he maintained a collection of preserved insects but now has no urge to kill the things that fascinate him*; instead, he's more likely to photograph them and sometimes write about them. In fact, writing and photographing are probably his main compulsions.

He used to work for Landcare Research, where he eventually ended up as Team Leader for what was then called the Applied Terrestrial Ecology team. He jumped ship in 2004 and has travelled extensively since then, including in some strange and wild places. This confirmed his delight in those kinds of places and their inhabitants. He now tutors for Massey University's School of People, Environment, and Planning. He lives in the Pohangina Valley on the western side of the southern Ruahine Range. He returned in late January 2020 from his fourth journey in India and Nepal.

He blogs occasionally at Pohanginapete and, until 2018, produced the photoblog The Ruins of the Moment. You can now follow his photos mainly on his Instagram account.

  • He accepts this is sometimes necessary — it just isn't necessary for him.

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