Jonathan (JC) Carpenter Curator

I am an explorer, researcher, innovator, and writer with a primary interest in affecting change. Though not an early bloomer to the awareness of the natural world, since the day biodiversity came into my life I have been completely obsessed with discovery. I have worked in many fields of change, from sustainability design to intense environmental organizing. Through my experience, I have learned that Biodiversity is the most tangible facet of science that can change the way people experience the natural world, hopefully leading to concern for our place in it, and then action. I am interested in all forms of Science, but find that Ecology teaches me the most.

My interest in iNaturalist is complex. In general, I am devoted to citizen science, open-source platforms, and integrated knowledge networks.

I do not have specific taxa that I am most fascinated by. Sometimes I think it's Fish...or Marine Inverts...or...well...Cetaceans...who knows.

Big Data has worked it's way into virtually every type of science at this point in history. Every time a scientific field becomes a big data field, the paradigm of that field shifts to a more wholistic (more real) perception of that field. Ecology needs Big Data! We need to understand what is really happening in a world that is too complex for human minds to unravel alone. We need Artificial Intelligence. We need to see further and in more detail. We have the materials at hand. The time is now!

To all the iNat creators and users, I am completely moved. Wow, thanks everyone!

Primarily, my focus these days revolved around the BioBlitz concept, Big Data Biodiversity, Partnerships therein, and the Biodiversity-Technology interface. I am currently working on several designs for robots that collect biodiversity data.

I have met so many of you in the field. We have a phenomenal community here on iNat, and I so look forward to meeting more iNatters in the future.

One last thing, I am working on several international expeditions to take iNatters to Biodiversity Hotspots around the globe. If you think you might be interested in these send me a message here in iNat.

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