Philippe Blais

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Dr. Philippe Blais MD, B.Sc. I'm a generalist biologist with a medical degree (G.P.) doing a lot of volunteer field work in my spare time in southern Quebec, and lately have started a freshwater mussel survey targeting mainly the Ottawa and Saint-Lawrence river valleys and their tributaries. In January 2017 I initiated a projet with iNaturalist called Canunio (now Canaiad), with the goal of building an open-source data bank for canadian freshwater mussels. Also involved with FloraQuebeca, a botanist club here in the province, and I wear a few other environmental hats as well. I'm a bit all over the map with my many fields of biological interests, but my main ones are, in order of importance and personal expertise: herpetology, ichthyology, botany, entomology and more recently, malacology. Also a bit of nature photography and related travels on the side. I'm located in Montreal.

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