John Fones Curator

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I have been fascinated with nature even since I can remember. I have never been able to specialize on a particular field of study, so I am just a naturalist!

I am an wildlife educator for the public, and I lead nature tours for Richmond Audubon Society, US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Virginia State Parks, and for local counties in Central Virginia. I also lead private tours for people who want a specialized experience for what they are trying to find.

I am very fascinated by the natural world, humans, and the interaction between the two in the both the human built, and natural environments. Me being Autistic helps me to understand what I observe from an outside perspective, that is semi-objective. I personally do not have a stake, or personal position in any given outcome of the world anymore, I am only an observer now.

In all honesty, this is my only "Two cents"

Life is not that serious, so sit back, and try to have some fun.

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