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I have been in love with nature ever since I was a young boy in Texas, where I grew up. I became entranced with the small pond in my back yard with all of the natural land at the house I lived in for a short while in Tennessee. I started with falling in love with insects as a six year old, then birds when I was 15, and then plants, mammals, fungi, lichens, reptiles, and so on until I learned about Charles Darwin, and Carl Linnaeus in Biology in high school. I never knew what to call my love until I learned that they were “naturalists!”

I love nature and all of it’s intricacies. It is where I, and every other person on this Earth come from. From the very first single celled organisms that contained all genetic information that created every living thing up until you, who are reading this sentence, I am fascinated by it all.

On day back in 2012 I happened upon, and fell in love! I played around on the site and decided to check to see what observations where in my old beloved childhood pond and forest. What I came across devastated me. The entire pond and forest were gone and replaced with townhomes and human development. I thought, “oh well, that’s too bad.” Not realizing yet what I would discover down the road.

Upon graduation from high school, I sought after a college degree in biology because I realized nature was in danger and people did not care enough about. I decided to check up on While in the various science classes, I started to realize that nature does not need my, or anyone’s help besides invasive plants. It was nothing going wrong in nature that was causing the problems accosiated with it. It’s us! Humans! I decided to take a step back and concsider my options being already halfway through college. That’s when I discovered urban planning, the direct threat to nature, land development!

So I am going to graduate with a degree in Urban and Regional Studies feom Virginia Commonwealth University soon, and I have plans to go into something landscape related in development, construction, or recreation related.

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