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I'm a poet and citizen scientist who lives in Northfield, Minnesota. While a bit of a generalist, my main interest is in the insect orders Odonata and Hymenoptera.

My most recent book is Rice County Odonata Journal: Volume Four ( Field notes about dragonflies and the pursuit of dragonflies. Volume Four covers the year 2011 and includes accounts of trips to the Tallgrass Aspen Parkland in northeast Minnesota in search of Red-veined Meadowhawks, Persian poetry, Minnesota Odonata Survey Project work weeks, an up-to-date Minnesota Odonata species checklist and a species index.

In 2017, I challenged myself to make iNaturalist observations for each day of the year. In addition to the photo observations, I wrote a daily journal entry. Unfortunately, due to upgrades in the iNaturalist site, the journal was downgraded in importance and the link between the observations and the journal entry was removed. For instance, anyone finding this observation about Chaoborus ( will have no idea that an accompanying essay was written and is available as well ( So it goes. [note: it does work the other way around: if you make it to the journal pages, there are links to the observations associated with each day's text.]

In 2016, I published A Photographic Guide to some Common Wasps and Bees of Minnesota ( A second edition, revised and expanded to include 50 more species, is in preparation.

I've been at work for several years on a natural history of the dragonflies of the genus Sympetrum. As part of that project, I've put together a website to present and organize information about these dragonflies:

Occasionally, I write about subjects other than dragonflies, and even less occasionally, these musings get posted on a blog:

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