Juan Cepeda Espinosa

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I am a 19 years old Colombian nature enthusiast and current biology undergraduate at Montclair State University (New Jersey).
My life-long fascination for animals started with dinosaurs, then spiders and more recently insects. They are also what I enjoy observing the most along with spiders, reptiles and amphibians.

I'm just an amateur, but I have learned a lot in the last few years, and thanks to iNaturalist, BugGuide and other sites/literature, I am able to recognize all sorts of insects, currently focusing on Sphecidae sensu lato and Ichneumonidae, although I often dabble in other Hymenopterans (Pompilidae, Vespidae) and Dipterans (Asilidae, Tachinidae, Syrphidae).
If you would like to show your gratitude, or support what I do, please consider donating.

I also created a project to group Parasitic wasps, you can check it out by clicking here

In the future I would like to have solitary wasps as my field of expertise, especially Crabronidae, Pompilidae, Ichneumonidae, and Sphecidae.

Wasps are a fascinating group, and by learning more about them I hope to be able to remove the stigma that has become so commonplace in our society. Next time you see a wasp, say to yourself: "This is a pollinator, a biological control, an architect... not a killing machine that is out to get me." (Even if it is a Vespid!).

I also pretend to be a photographer- check out my Instagram and Flickr

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Gear: Canon Powershot XS70 HS / ZTE Z891 + Macro lens

Currently based in northern New Jersey -Lenape land-, although whenever I get the chance I enjoy trips to southern NJ and its amazing ecosystems such as the Atlantic Coast and the Pine Barrens.

If you would like to use my images, or if you have any feedback, questions, etc., feel free to message me.

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