Mark Olivier

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Currently a resident in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. A 'life long learner' and naturalist with camera gear, I attempt to document with photos and GPS waypoints, the flora and fauna I find while making my way through this world. Previously mainly focused on birds of prey, my scope then expanded to birds in general but since the summer season of 2015 my main focus has become butterflies. I have a strong interest in getting into areas where little or no historical data has been collected. With my focus redirected, away from the open sky and bird perches to areas more down to earth, I am now documenting more types of insects along with host and nectaring plants. My bombus and odonata data collection increased dramatically over the last two seasons. I have been documenting my butterfly observations on My goal has become to add as many butterfly species to as many map squares on the Ontario Butterfly Atlas as I can each season within the Algoma District of Ontario. I do attempt to document the birds I encounter but now I make few birding outings.

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