Tony Strazzari

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I am a SCUBA diver - diving is my life. I've been a diver since 1991 but thanks to what life has thrown at me I've been diving full-time since 2010. Instructing (PADI-MSDT-and other agencies), diving and leading dives from dive boats (Grey Nurse Charters -, Cave diving, Rivers and historic sites (Dive Anywhere Project -, Photography (, travel and just for the fun of it - I'll dive anywhere! Thanks to Mark for inviting me to join iNaturalist!
My other interest is native plants - my garden rules are that there are 3 types of plants with some overlap: Natives (especially local indigenous), Food plants (including natives, fruit trees, herbs, spices and vegetable garden) and Weeds (which have been removed from my yard but include - roses and any other alien plant that can't be eaten. Started monitoring animals that visit my yard - birds, reptiles, mammals (mainly possums) and insects/spiders.

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