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Essays are such types of academic assignments which difficulty can’t be assessed ambiguously. The difficulty of an essay depends on the discipline of the assignment, its academic level, its expected length, and other factors. Thus, those factors frequently lead to students requesting help with an essay they find difficult to write.

Searching for help with an essay, students refer to custom writing services while lacking knowledge on the process of ordering an essay. As a leading custom writing company with a wide experience in writing essays, we would like to provide a short overview of the process of ordering a custom essay online.


Most companies assume that students have an experience in ordering services online and thus, seldom provide instructions on the ordering process, aside from payment. Our company, on the other hand, focuses on the importance of information provided by customers, which significance for the writing process can’t be overestimated.

In that regard, each customer creates an account with our company, having the opportunity to have a personal profile which provides directions and guidelines for writers to conform to the expected academic assistance. Requesting help with a custom essay, such profiles aid writers to adjust their writing styles to customers’ academic levels and expected outcomes.


Another important element of the process of ordering an essay online is maintaining effective communication when possible. The latter is specifically true in cases when the instructions of the assignments lacks clarity and prevent writers form proceeding with the order.

In that regard, until all questions are resolved, it is recommended that customers keep communicating with their writers, answering any questions they might have. We should emphasize that the writers in our company always try to resolve any vague moments in essays as soon as they occur.

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