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Hello fellow nature nerds, my name is Liam Pentangelo and I am a 15 year old resident of Chicago who is lucky enough to travel frequently. During these trips (and in my hometown) I make it my goal to photograph and learn about the wildlife I find there. I used to just keep these photos in my camera roll, until someone told me about iNaturalist, and I used these photos to make small contributions to science and follow my dreams of becoming a scientist. I have been into biology for as long as I can remember, before I even began school I developed an addiction to the BBC program Walking With Monsters, and since then I've been interested in the life of our prehistoric planet. When I was 5 years old however, I convinced my mother to purchase the DVD version of Blue Planet, and I became fascinated with marine biology, and food webs. For a long time since then I would research, read about, and watch documentaries about life in general, extinct or extant. Biology has been my passion ever since then, and it never got old, and in 2019, when I was accepted into the Field Museum Bridge Program for incoming Freshmen in high school, I quickly became friends with others interested in Biology. One of them told me all about iNaturalist, and although I was reluctant to join at first, I quickly found that I was learning much more about the world around me than I had before. The most recent development in my interest in Biology is as follows, from December 31st, to January 7th 2020, I traveled to Isla Mujeres in Quintana Roo, Mexico. During this trip I was able to observe many species not found in my hometown, and this time through the eyes of a young beginner naturalist. It was on the second to last day of this trip in which I asked my father if I could go birding, as I quickly realized there were many birds on the island, and I was curious to see as many as I could. This is what I consider to be the first time I ever went birding, and since then I have been a birder, and my first species with this hobby was a Ruddy Ground Dove. (although my oldest checklist was all the way back in 2015 of a Bald Eagle) I downloaded eBird on February 23rd 2020 after observing a Long-eared Owl at Montrose Point, and on March 15th, I was lucky enough to receive a Nikon COOLPIX b500 pocket zoom camera as well as a pair of binoculars for me to be able to observe and identify birds, and all other life forms with greater accuracy. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your contributions to science on iNaturalist as well fellow user!

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