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Whooping Crane (Grus americana)




December 2010


5 photos of a cohort of 4 individuals, free and in the wild.

The 2 color bands (left leg) denote either 2007 (R/G) or 2008 (R/W).

The 3 color bands (right leg), in combination with year bands, denote their individual identity:

2007 (R/G)
[RGW, 3-07, Male]
[GRW, 7-07, Male]
[WGW, 39-07, Female]

2008 (R/W)
[RWG, 38-08 , Female]

These Whooping Cranes were in a pasture/swamp, on private property, on the other side of a fence and hedge-row. I remained in the same spot, on my side of the fence/hedge, on the shoulder of a road, for a limited period of time. I used a heavy, long telephoto lens mounted on a heavy stationary tripod. I enlarged and cropped the photos significantly.

Undisclosed Location, Georgia, 1 December 2010

During the week of 3 January 2011, WALB-TV in Albany, GA ran a video news segment on the shooting murder of 3 endangered Whooping Cranes in Calhoun County, GA. WALB-TV interviewed me and included several of my Whooping Crane photos in the news clip. Another TV station, Fox 31 in Albany, also used several of my Whooper photos. Other photos in the 15 photo series on flickr were featured in publications by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Atlanta Audubon Society, and others.

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