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Maroon-fronted Parrot Rhynchopsitta terrisi




September 2, 1989


Maroon-fronted Parrot
near San Isidro, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
2 September 1989

This is one of my favorite memories of birding Mexico in the 80s and 90s. The area for the Maroon-fronted Parrots is a very tough 2 hour + climb up rugged trails, and then your chance of seeing the birds is small. The light for photography is terrible because you are up against a 2000 foot tall sheer cliff and your visibility is only possible one direction. You can hear the parrots, but seeing them is a challenge. There are a few shots of this magnificent bird here, but they are not good. Just the best I could do under the circumstances. I'd love to go back, but unless and until this area of Mexico settles down again, that will remain a dream.