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Brown Bear Ursus arctos




June 4, 2012


Grizzly Bear
Brown Bear
Ursus arctos
Teller Road
Nome, Alaska
4 June 2012
two shots posted

This bear was encountered about 40 miles out of Nome on a gravel road where I was helping to lead a small group of birders. This was not one of the typical Yellowstone National Park-type encounters with a bear that is used to people being watched by tourists in 300 parked cars. On this occasion it was just us in our van with this bear. Initially the animal was about 200 meters away, shot taken with a 500mm lens. We were on the road and the bear started approaching us as if curious. We got back into the van and the bear kept coming. The 2nd shot was taken when the bear was about 50 feet away I think. The bear finally wandered away. A good example why you stay close to vehicles in this area, but it was a great experience. This bear was unusually shaggy (perhaps still in winter coat?) and very blonde.

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